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No Longer Offering Unique Designer Hybrid Puppies just for You:(

This is what I went through and wrote with full emotion on 3-27-14 a day I will Never forget:(:(:(

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Well it is with COMPLETE DEVISTATION that I have to say that I did NOT pass my kennel inspection (see below) …We put in 4 kennel cages all the dogs were out there in the Pole Barn…Pellet Stove..Vent Fan...The moms safe and warm in the house!

It was a BIG FAT NO??? Nothing I could do with out threats of Tickets on every dog without a license, no kennel license, warrant to take all the dogs etc... all over again:(

I could NOT let Animal Control take them for fear of what would happen to those sweet babies!

They gave me NO time to correct it or did they 

ever explain WHY??? and I asked repeatedly!!!???

 I had a Kennel Ordinance Sheet I was going from and it was very vague…now I find out that there is another sheet with specifics?  OMG I truly didn't know that and did Not have it but its his word against mine:(  

I emailed the Supervisor every other day for 2 weeks begging for more clarification…didn't get much!  


ALL and I mean ALL my dogs & puppies are gone:(

I have cried more tears than you can imagine. 

Thank God I had Cheryl from Lake Haven to be there to rescue all my babies so I know they are safe and will be cared for…but the emptiness my family feels is overwhelming!  Putting them in the van and saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever done:( 

I'm not really sure where to go from here.  I did contact an Attorney and feel that with the chain of events and all the crap that followed me from the other county I finally need to seek some legal counsel on how to recover from this.

I am still going on vacation today and will attempt to have a fun time but my babies and this horrible day will be on my mind always!!!

They truly took my soul today!!!

Keep us and my pups in your prayers!

Thanks Renee Jasmine & Jim 

 (and pups too...just a habit:)

***Up Date 4-9-14: BECAUSE Animal Control is monitoring where all

 the dogs go I WILL NOT be able to get any of my

 favorites back…they have ALL been fixed which is


I just want some of my babies back with us!!!!!!

Milo #1 man, Gwenifer, Poon, Bruiser, Baby Holly,

 Tayza, Betty Boop or Baby Biscuit I miss their

 kissed sooooo much!  

But I now know that will Never Happen and I will

have to deal with that…..

If you are interested in an adult or puppy you will unfortunately have to go thru Cheryl with Lake Haven Rescue in Newaygo.

If you get any of these dogs I would LOVE to be in 

their lives again and hear updates on how they are doing!!! 

If you've adopted one of  my babies and want to

 know their background 


**Update…My Atty has been in 

contact with me and I am truly considering my options….they need to not do this to another person ever! 

*I also have been contacted by a few more Atty's that have dealt with this before specifically Montcalm County!

***MY SIDE***

I will post updates ASAP!

So sorry for leaving so many followers and Puppy Lovers hanging:(:(:(

I have been receiving Hate mail

 & texts…so sad to judge me you

 have NO idea who I am and how my dogs were treated...so get

 educated before you send me 

your rude & hurtful comments!!!

Please Set these People Straight!!!

DRAMA!!! the PAST!!!

***New House YEA***


Today (3-27) is the Day!  Just waiting for my new Kennel Check…keep me in your prayers!!!

 3-14-14 Sorry to Say I have a whole new issue to deal with all before I leave…

I truly wanted to focus on my puppies getting new homes before I go on vacation but now I have Montcalm County Animal Control insisting that I have to have my "kennel" done by the day I leave!

LOTS of things going on…I'm VERY busy so only contact me if you are truly interested in 

getting a puppy:)

I am taking the time to answer texts & emails but as my deadline gets closer I will be more focused on the kennels If you can give a pup a home just keep in contact and don't give up I will get back with you!

Click below to see All the pups & Adults that HAVE to find new homes by 

Spring Break!!!  

I'm going on my first real vacation in 4 yrs and leaving husband's in charge!!

***"Hopefully" LEAVING FOR FLORIDA 3-28


DRAMA!!! the PAST!!!

***New House YEA*** 


or send a text to my phone 616-238-2181

can leave a phone message too but text is much better!

Thanks Renee:)

Things are always VERY busy with lots of emails & texts...

Please be patient I Will get back with you!

I'm a single mom to a daughter & my fur babies and it keeps me pretty busy!!!

New Photos always coming:)


NEW POLICY For Adopting a teen or adult pup!!!

*Rehomed 3 Girls to a young woman in Ohio...have NO idea where they are now:(... Click Here for story!!!

***My OLD Pixiepuppies Charter E-MAIL got a Virus... 

I LOST ALL my past emails from the last 3 yrs so if you see this please re-email me so I have your info!

Thanks Renee:)


*** Thanks for ALL your Help & Prayers!!!***


Tayza made it:) thanks Dr Nauta!!!

YEA! See her page for story!

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*Pixie Chocolate Merle ShiChiPapinese~Nathan

     *Peke-a-Tzu~Maltese is a Shih Tzu Pekingese Maltese Hybrid ~Milo 

  *Pixie Chihuahua Shih Tzu Papillon Pekingese Maltese~Bruiser 

*NEW MAN* Chocolate Pomeranian~Mater

*Papinese is a Papillon Pekingese Hybrid ~our 1st stud pup! Patty Cakes(has a new home:)


Hybrid Moms

 PiXie is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu Papillon Pekingese Hybrid~Trisha

ShiChi is a Shih Tzu Chihuahua Hybrid ~Mimi & Toto 

Peke-a-Tzu Maltese is a Shih Tzu Pekingese Maltese Hybrid~ Munchkin

Peke-a Tzu MalChi is a Pekingese ShihTzu Maltese Chihuahua  ~Gwenifer, Merrie, & Poon

Chi~Papinese is a Chihuaha Papillon Pekingese Hybrid 

~Snickers & Rainbow   

Monkey Pug is an Affenpinscher Pug Hybrid  ~Betty Boop

Affenpinscher Pug Peke-a-Tzu Maltese ~Bunny & Meg

Pom~Jack  is a Pomeranian Jack Russel Hybrid ~BeBe

Purebred Moms

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