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No Longer Offering Unique Designer Hybrid Puppies just for You:(

Cami (Kami) update on... My Puppy Mill  page

BUT I NOW DO HAVE DOGS & CATS "Created" just for You:)

They are my new Artistic Creations made out of 

Lambs Wool & Alpaca Hair 

Called "Needle Felting"

This is so fun and I love love love creating my little critters:)

My favorite thing was making "CUSTOM" Beads of your special pet.

(Which I am now moving my Bead Studio to the new house...so more beads are coming:)

Now they are not Glass but soft and furry just like the real thing...its a great memorial for someone who lost their best friend:(  

Go to my site www.twistedsistersbeads.com

Click on the Adorable White Pekingese...made for Brenda:)

There are some of My 1st creations...more photos coming!

I show a Lot of Other Fantastic Felting Artists too

Most found on Etsy.com  

 What is Needle Felting?
I'm sure some of you have seen cute little artist created animals on Pinterest?
These little cuties are created by simply poking wool roving or batting with a thin barbed needle which is  manipulated into shapes by how & where its poked.  The wool "felts" or gets tangled and firms up.
I'm pretty artistic and also self taught myself this new art in one sitting...Thank Goodness for google & Youtube!!!
There is a lot of trial & error and finger pokes but thats the fun of creating 
No Pain No Gain LOL.
@@@ If you want to have a custom critter just email me with details & photos!
Prices Range from $65-250
Taking X-mas Orders Now!
These are "a few" of my Critter Creations...
took 1st Place at the 
Allegan Fiber Fest in Aug 2014!!!
MANY More Photos of My Creations ...
Coming soon!!!


Making COOL Halloween & X-mas creations NOW!!!  

Pics of my Funky Witch & Punkins coming:)




In court for a supposed Bond violation...didn't finish have to go back on 12-3...I just so want this done!!!  I need to move on from my loss!!!  PLEASE keep me in your PRAYERS!!!


Well still in court for this...my sister & daughter just got subpoenaed???  Back in 2 weeks I have a new attorney too.

I just want to get on with my LIFE!!!



8-26-14  Well the deal my lawyer made with out consulting me or getting any evidence to refute the charges was that I had to go see a psychiatrist for a delayed sentence but still a felony....So I fired him!
I am getting a new attorney one that will hopefully listen to me and take what happened seriously...this is my life and not just a little case that they can push thru the system.  I have lost EVERYTHING!!!  I truly wish I could elaborate but I can not.  I will keep things updated more...I just had to stay away for a while and let my mind rest.
I have a great site for all the other breeders, farmers & anyone who owns animals.  YOU NEED to check this out because this CAN happen to anyone...I am proof of that!

Get yourself Protected NOW!!!!!

7-7-14 Not a lot happening...just trying to enjoy the summer...I will say I truly missed having the pups up north for the 4th of July...got to see lots of my past babies all grown up...will post some pics of them...it was hard but a blessing to see them again...had a zillion people looking for my puppies too...some made the trip down to the art show just for that reason...sorry to disappoint so many:(  
I shed some tears..some sad some happy!
 I did get to show case my new business "Needle Felting Wool"...yes most are dogs & cats:)  Got some custom orders:)  Starting my bead business again too  Go to my site www.twistedsistersbeads.com to see some of my past work...my true love of animals shows there too:)

***Next court date 7-24-14  I am keeping the faith and doing lots of praying and preparing (6-26 date was changed)

This weekend I was informed of a meeting that took place on 6-9-14 and was in the Greenville Newspaper here is the link!


Hopefully some changes can be made so current and new kennel owners can benefit.  I sadly will not.
There have been some new developments and it has brought a little sunshine to my life...just that sliver of hope I've been looking for:)

Oh and a shout out to "MORGAN" and her Cheerleader Daughter...sorry I couldn't "Help" you find a pup!  I truly miss that part of what I did...I do wish you Luck in your new endeavor and I hope YOU DO THE RIGHT things there!!!

5-27-14 Talked to my Attorney....wish more than anything I could tell you all of what is happening...but I can not for now!!!

I will say that I still cry for my babies daily...its been 2 months:(

...now going on 3 mon... I was out in the barn and sadness and the quiet is deafening...I am truly going thru the stages of grief...it feels as if someone died...it did it was my Dream!  I am working on new ones though...I have no choice but to busy myself...the only thing that keeps me from going crazy.

On My Side there are some new links on what is Michigan Law and 

true "Animal Cruelty" 

:(:(:( Attention some are Graphic !

5-20-14 Can NOT post details...per my Attorney:)

Had 1st pretrial...went OK...next date is June 2nd...keep me & my family 

in your Prayers!!!

* I will say that...I'm Done!  Pixie Puppies is Officially Retired!

After spending just 24 hrs locked in a cell with only room to walk around a toilet, a role of TP that I used as a pillow,  water (hot H2O was the only comfort!) a very skinny mat for a bed and thin blanket (it was chilly too)  No socks or shoes. The female officers were very nice..the men...well they talked more than the women and not exactly nice.  

You are treated Guilty till prove Innocent!!!

For breakfast they tossed a hard boiled egg on the floor...seriously!

I was offered 4 yes 4 bologna sandwiches in 4 hours? pretzels, bit of orange jello, cranberry juice...Do you Have ANY idea how bad I wanted COFFEE & Sweets!

Thank GOD for the nice lady Rose they put in with me...we supported and kept each other going.  I can NOT imagine living life in Jail.

If thats the way my pups would feel in a kennel "at all times" 

what kind

 of life is that?  

You people that think I put my pups in a cage are WRONG!  They were with me all the time on my lap, napping next to my feet...we played in the back yard & pole barn...I went out there yesterday and just cried.  I have such good memories...I truly am still in shock they are all gone! They made life fun and interesting..I have so many funny, silly and sad stories too...this will always be a part of my life I will look back on and smile...until Jan 2014...thats when I would change things...but I can't go back only forward...and I WILL!  

(see My Puppy Mill page)

5-18-14  Sorry haven't updated I've been busy working on my case!

I did have Lake Haven get my babies out of the shelter on 5-12-14!!!  They were all alive so that was good. 

There is more that happened that day that I can not talk about

I have retained an Attorney!  He will be with us Monday at 1 at my 1st Pre Trial Conference and on Tues at 1 for the Preliminary Exam...where I will find out the actual charges.

I know the people that know me & know my heart and will be with me in Prayer on those Days!

To all you Lake Haven Facebook Followers...

I have NOTHING to say to you ...........

On 5-8-14   I was Arrested...I had 5 adults here and a few puppies...trying to decide which 3 I was going to get licensed 2 were not my own:( ...I DID get the OK from Montcalm Animal Control on Fri May 2nd.  I had tried Again to get my 3 dogs from the Rescue and finally realized on Tuesday that would Never happen so I basically gave up 

I was DONE....but it was too late and I wasn't fast enough in getting their licenses.  Had rabies scheduled for this week.

Well they took ALL the dogs & pups here some needing medicine and frequent syringe feedings:(  They are now sitting in Montcalm Shelter:( I need to get them out Now...I could wait till the court case is done but I will not do that to them!!! 

I found out its HORRIBLE living in a Cage even for ONE DAY!

I was Handcuffed  and ARRESTED  in front of my beautiful crying daughter.  They left her here Alone as my husband was on his way.  I was booked and spend 1 horrible night and day in a Jail Cell....from that

 experience I now know I will NEVER cage ANY animal ever!

I was charged with a FELONY yes Felony for Animal Cruelty!

It was a $5000 bond and I got my cell mate out too I couldn't see her sit there any longer!

I have a good attorney and I have to fight the charges or I can get up to 4 years in Jail, $5000 & or Community Service and can NEVER OWN another ANIMAL!

WHY???? Really WHY?

I can not elaborate because I have not met with my lawyer but I do know I will need as much support as I can get....whether its in your words of your experience with me &  my dogs, I might need people on the stand too.  I will post things after the meeting.

I am mentally traumatized by this and barely functioning...I appreciate the kind words & friends that have stood by me through ALL of this...I would have never made it with out you All...



This is what I went through and wrote with Full

 Emotion on 3-27-14 a day I will Never Forget:(:(:(

Click on other Links to see updates & MORE Info!!!

Well it is with COMPLETE DEVISTATION that I have to say that I did NOT pass my kennel inspection (see below) …We put in 4 kennel cages all the dogs were out there in the Pole Barn…Pellet Stove..Vent Fan...The moms safe and warm in the house!

It was a BIG FAT NO??? Nothing I could do with out threats of Tickets on every dog without a license, no kennel license, warrant to take all the dogs etc... all over again:(

I could NOT let Animal Control take them for fear of what would happen to those sweet babies!

They gave me NO time to correct it or did they 

ever explain WHY??? 

 I had a Kennel Ordinance Sheet I was going from and it was very vague…now I find out that there is another sheet with specifics?  OMG I truly didn't know that and did Not have it but its his word against mine:(  

I emailed the Supervisor every other day for 2 weeks begging for more clarification…didn't get much!  


ALL and I mean ALL my dogs & puppies are gone:(

I have cried more tears than you can imagine. 

 I had Cheryl from Lake Haven to be there to rescue all my babies so I know they are safe and will be cared for…but the emptiness my family feels is overwhelming!  Putting them in the van and saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever done:( 

I'm not really sure where to go from here.  I did contact an Attorney and feel that with the chain of events and all the crap that followed me from the other county I finally need to seek some legal counsel on how to recover from this.

I am still going on vacation today and will attempt to have a fun time but my babies and this horrible day will be on my mind always!!!

They truly took my soul today!!!

Keep us and my pups in your prayers!

Thanks Renee Jasmine & Jim 

 (and pups too...just a habit:)

***Up Date 4-9-14: Lake Haven says BECAUSE Animal Control is monitoring where all

 the dogs go I WILL NOT be able to get any of my

 favorites back…they have ALL been fixed which is


I just want some of my babies back with us!!!!!!

Milo #1 man, Gwenifer, Poon, Bruiser, Baby Holly,

 Tayza, Betty Boop or Baby Biscuit I miss their

 kisses sooooo much!  

But I now know that will Never Happen and I will

have to deal with that…..

If you are interested in an adult or puppy you will 

unfortunately have to go thru Cheryl with Lake Haven

 Rescue in Newaygo.

If you get any of these dogs I would LOVE to be in 

their lives again and hear updates on how

 they are doing!!! 

If you've adopted one of  my babies and want to

 know their background let me know Please!!!

***MY SIDE***

I will post updates !

So sorry for leaving so many followers and Puppy 

Lovers hanging:(:(:(

I had been receiving Hate mail

 & texts…so sad to judge me you

 have NO idea who I am and how my dogs were treated...so get

 educated before you send me 

your rude & hurtful comments!!!

Please SetStraight!!!

***New House YEA***


Today (3-27) is the Day!  Just waiting for my new Kennel Check…keep me in your prayers!!!

 3-14-14 Sorry to Say I have a whole new issue to deal with all before I leave…

I truly wanted to focus on my puppies getting new homes before I go on vacation but now I have Montcalm County Animal Control insisting that I have to have my "kennel" done by the day I leave!

LOTS of things going on…I'm VERY busy so only contact me if you are truly interested in 

getting a puppy:)

I am taking the time to answer texts & emails but as my deadline gets closer I will be more focused on the kennels If you can give a pup a home just keep in contact and don't give up I will get back with you!

Click below to see All the pups & Adults that HAVE to find new homes by 

Spring Break!!!  

I'm going on my first real vacation in 4 yrs and leaving husband in charge!!

***"Hopefully" LEAVING FOR FLORIDA 3-28


DRAMA is in the PAST!!!

***New House YEA*** 


or send a text to my phone 616-238-2181

can leave a phone message too but text is much better!

Thanks Renee:)

Things are always VERY busy with lots of emails & texts...

Please be patient I Will get back with you!

I'm a single mom to a daughter & my fur babies and it keeps me pretty busy!!!

New Photos always coming:)


NEW POLICY For Adopting a teen or adult pup!!!

*Rehomed 3 Girls to a young woman in Ohio...have NO idea where they are now:(... Click Here for story!!!

***My OLD Pixiepuppies Charter E-MAIL got a Virus... 

I LOST ALL my past emails from the last 3 yrs so if you see this please re-email me so I have your info!

Thanks Renee:)


*** Thanks for ALL your Help & Prayers!!!***


Tayza made it:) thanks Dr Nauta!!!

YEA! See her page for story!

Happy Customers...Thanks For your Support!

Here at PiXie Puppies I did strive to raise  Beautiful, Healthy, Tiny, Toy and even some Teacup Puppies!!!

You would have got a Beautiful, Unique One of a Kind Designer Hybrid Mix Puppy!

I offered MIXED Breeds of Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Papillon, Pekingese, Maltese, Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Yorkie, Japanese Chin, Brussels Griffon, Affenpinscher, Pug & Pomeranian

(See Below for Hybrid Explainations)

Puppies come with 1-2 or 3 Vaccinations, Health Check on request, PeePad/Paper training started, Iams Dry Puppy Food Sample, Blanket with mom/siblings scent and Pre-Loved!!!

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A few Examples of my Pixie Pups:)

All My Beautiful Babies are GONE:(...

Hybrid Dads/Studs

*A PiXie is my Own unique mix you can only find here!!!

*PiXie is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu Papillon Pekingese Hybrid ~Lucky

*Pixie Chocolate Merle ShiChiPapinese~Nathan

     *Peke-a-Tzu~Maltese is a Shih Tzu Pekingese Maltese Hybrid ~Milo 

  *Pixie Chihuahua Shih Tzu Papillon Pekingese Maltese~Bruiser 

*NEW MAN* Chocolate Pomeranian~Mater

*Papinese is a Papillon Pekingese Hybrid ~our 1st stud pup! Patty Cakes(has a new home:)


Hybrid Moms

 PiXie is a Chihuahua Shih Tzu Papillon Pekingese Hybrid~Trisha

ShiChi is a Shih Tzu Chihuahua Hybrid ~Mimi & Toto 

Peke-a-Tzu Maltese is a Shih Tzu Pekingese Maltese Hybrid~ Munchkin

Peke-a Tzu MalChi is a Pekingese ShihTzu Maltese Chihuahua  ~Gwenifer, Merrie, & Poon

Chi~Papinese is a Chihuaha Papillon Pekingese Hybrid 

~Snickers & Rainbow   

Monkey Pug is an Affenpinscher Pug Hybrid  ~Betty Boop

Affenpinscher Pug Peke-a-Tzu Maltese ~Bunny & Meg

Pom~Jack  is a Pomeranian Jack Russel Hybrid ~BeBe

Purebred Moms

Blue Merle Chihuahua ~Pina Pie & Rummer

Pekingese ~Willow 


Hoping to be offering RARE Breed  Mi-Ki's & Russian Toy Terriers!


This is a MERLE FRIENDLY Website...

offering Blue & Chocolate

Merle Chi & Pomeranian Unique Hybrid Mix

***EXAMPLES of Past MERLE Puppies***

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